Pure Tussar Silk Ombre Effect Floral (Steel Blue)




Fabric: Pure Tussar Silk
Size: 2.5 m (Length), 44 Inches (Width)
Colour: Beige


Fabric: Pure Tussar Silk
Size: 2.5 m (Length), 44 Inches (Width)
Colour:  Steel Blue


Fabric: Pure Tussar Silk
Size: 2.6 m (Length), 36 Inches (Width)
Colour: Beige, Turquoise, Steel Blue Ombre Effect



OTHERS : Exclusive Handloom Product

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Bringing together beautiful Beige, Turquoise and Steel Blue with Ombre Effect and Floral Border Pure Tussar Silk Kurta with Plain Steel Blue Pure Tussar Silk Bottom with perfect match Ombre Effect and Floral Booti and Border with Fringe Detail Dupatta.

Pure Tussar silk is a type of luxurious fabric known for its natural texture and soft sheen. It is an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic silk, made from the cocoons of wild silk moths, which are sustainably harvested in India. Tussar silk is known for its natural lightness, softness, and its ability to keep the wearer cool even in hot weather.

The Ombre Effect Floral design takes the natural beauty of Tussar silk to the next level. Ombre is a gradient colour effect, which gradually transitions from one colour to another. In this case, the fabric features a beautiful blend of earthy shades that transition from a soft beige to a rich chocolate brown. The floral pattern adds a touch of whimsy, bringing life and vibrancy to the design.

Wearing a Pure Tussar Silk Ombre Effect Floral garment is a unique experience. The natural texture of the fabric caresses the skin, providing a luxurious feel. The soft sheen adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, making it an ideal choice for special occasions.

The Ombre Effect Floral design is versatile and suitable for both formal and casual events. Whether you pair it with a simple pair of jeans or a more elaborate skirt, it is sure to turn heads. The blend of earthy tones also makes it easy to match with other pieces in your wardrobe, ensuring you can wear it year-round.

In conclusion, Pure Tussar Silk Ombre Effect Floral is a unique and beautiful fabric that is both eco-friendly and luxurious. The gradient colour effect and floral pattern create a stunning design that is versatile and easy to wear. Investing in a garment made from this fabric is a wise choice, as it is sure to become a staple in your wardrobe for years to come.


Additional information

Weight 0.500 g
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 50 cm